O&O FormatRecovery

O&O FormatRecovery Build 1146 4.1

Recover lost data


  • Deep scans of drives
  • Simple, user friendly process


  • No search option
  • Results can be complex


If a drive has been accidentally formatted or attacked by malicious software, O&O FormatRecovery can help you get back your lost files and folders.

All you have to do is choose a disk to analyze - even an external one, and click Analyze Drive. O&O FormatRecovery then performs a deep scan looking for any files or partitions on that disk. The process is very simple, and after the scan you can choose to recover whatever O&O FormatRecovery finds or not.

Success with these kinds of programs is never guaranteed - as it's possible to permanently delete data - so you may not find the files you want on every occasion. The shareware version doesn't allow you to actually recover the files, just see what O & O FormatRecovery can find.

O&O FormatRecovery's interface is easy to understand, and the process of data recovery is done in an easy to follow step by step manner. The results can be quite lengthy and you have to sift through files manually, as there is no search feature.

O&O FormatRecovery performs very comprehensive drive scans, and if data still exists on a formatted drive, it will probably find it.

O&O FormatRecovery


O&O FormatRecovery Build 1146 4.1

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